This is the first installment of a series. An ongoing practice in collecting found wood blocks, possibly expanding into other forms of found objects. Mapping the urban space by means of gathering and collecting. A reflection about presence, space, belonging.

"In dialogue" is an installation exploring the synaesthetic relation between tones and colors. Inspired by the myriad forms in which wood as a base material can perform – from the absolute functional to the predominantely aesthetic – this is an undertaking in approaching leftover scraps and waste as found objects. Collecting these bits from around the urban space and treating them each as unique yet essential modules to fabricate this composition; empty canvases not to fill but to extract from. The sonic component comes from documenting the surroundings where the pieces were found, via field recordings from their original locations – combined with field recordings from the artist’s native country, Brazil. Using these assorted wooden blocks and boards as the medium, they are juxtaposed to create a networking system where painting, collage, sound recording and playback come together to complement each other. A piece of symbiotic abstraction.

This is a system of mutable parts that could be assembled and presented in a myriad of ways, as well as expanded with additional locations mapped and added to the archive. In this first installment of this series, the piece is presented as a conversation between places, between moments, with two speaker sets facing each other and two main corresponding sections of the structure.